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Laura and brett were able to take my fear of horses and the unknown and turn it into a tremendous experience – with a group of well-respected colleagues – and a new found respect for these beautiful animals.    I find myself breathing out more, not only to take a moment to pause, but to scale down the energy in a room – both personal and professional – and stop the “beast” from running amuck.  Thank you for the wonderful memories.  This workshop should be made available to all those in the “lead horse” position within any organization!  

K Fockler, Customer Experience Manager  

A different approach to leadership training

Traditional leadership training relies on “experts” talking about and demonstrating how a leader should act. It relies on a set of “rules” or the subjective interpretation of the expert. With The Lead Horse, your people interact with horses that, by their nature, seek out strong leaders.

The responses of a horse are instinctual, not subjective.

You can’t fool a horse into believing you’re a leader if you’re not

Your horse responds to subtle leadership cues most instructors miss. A horse doesn't understand spoken language; so students cannot use language skills to mask a lack of innate leadership qualities. The horse knows.

Anyone can learn to be a leader, when a horse does the teaching

As your team works with their horses, the signs of progress are not subtle. Your people get immediate positive feedback from their horse. The lessons settle on them quickly and comfortably.

The lessons learned are easily transferred to the office

Each exercise with the horse is tied directly back to the "real world" of the office. Your human facilitator is not simply a horse lover, but a former denizen of the corporate world trained in the insights of The Lead Horse system.

When your people enjoy themselves, they learn better

You know that when your people enjoy themselves, the lessons are more quickly assimilated, than when training feels like work. Even the most timid of your team will warm to the gentle giants of our herd. Facilitators match each horse to each of your people to help your team get the most out of their experience.

Go directly to our leadership through horses training programs.

"An honest response to leaderhip comes naturally to horses."
Laura Hunter


"My team is still very pumped about their learnings a month later. We are going to carry the  goals we established into next year’s planning."
M Lee, Presidents Choice



See first hand how a leadership workshop, using horses, can improve the performance of your team.

Join us at Tall Tree Farm for a hands-on demonstration of The Lead Horse, equine-assisted leadership program.

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