Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need to have previous experience with horses?

A: Participants do not need to have any previous experience with horses.

Q: Do we ride the horses?

A: No, this not a learn-to-ride program. Under certain circumstances, there is an optional exercise in which participants are led while sitting on a horse, however all other exercises take place on the ground.

Q: What if people are afraid of horses

A: It is both common and understandable for some participants to be afraid of horses. Healthy caution is a good idea when you are working with an animal that can weigh between one and two thousand pounds! It is our experience that people’s fears dissipate as they acquire the skills and understanding to work with our horses. At no time will anyone be asked to participate beyond their comfort level with a horse.

Our two mini horses respond in the same manner as our horses but are not physically intimidating.

Q: Do you provide meals?

A: Yes, we provide coffee, tea and snacks in the morning, lunch and afternoon beverages. There is an added cost outside of the workshop fee.

Q: What is the cost of a clinic?

A: Costs are based on clinic length and number of participants. We would be happy to provide you with a quote for your group.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Dress casually – it is a given that you will get dirty working around horses

Sturdy boots or shoes are recommended at all times.

Workshops take place in an unheated riding arena. If the workshop is late fall, winter or early spring it can be cold. It is best to wear layers that can be taken off and on.

Q: What if people have allergies?

A: People with allergies have participated successfully in the program. As all of the activities are on the ground (no riding) physical contact with the horses can be kept to a minimum. We recommend that you take anti-histamine before coming (consult your doctor or pharmacist) and that you bring extra gloves.

Q: How long are the workshops?

A: Workshops can be one, two or three days in length.

Two and three day workshops can be spread out over a period of time or held on consecutive days.

Q: Do I get my own horse to work with?

A: Yes, we have fifteen horses available so everyone has a horse to work with at all times. We often change horses amongst participants as each horse has it’s own unique personality and so provides a different learning experience.

"An honest response to leaderhip comes naturally to horses."
Laura Hunter

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