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The Lead Horse Interactive Workshops

Our interactive workshops for up to 14 participants are customized to meet the unique needs of your group.

The Professional Series

If you are involved in the fields of medicine, health care or disabilities services, these workshops are for you.

The Professionals workshop series provides a unique opportunity for hands-on practice of the skills necessary for developing more positive, trusting and respectful relationships with your clients. You will come to better understand how your behaviours, communication style, and perspective influence the behaviours of your clients and the relationships you form with them.

Listening, The Hardest Skill

Valuable for any individual or team of health care professionals or students.

Understanding Behaviour as Communication

For students or professionals providing support, services or programs to people with disabilities.

A Different Perspective

For students and professionals who work with people who have ASD.

The Corporate Series

Taking the Lead

Participants identity and strengthen their existing leadership competencies while exploring the effectiveness of different leadership styles.

Leading Teams

An exploration of individual leadership in the context of leading teams combined with engaging and challenging activities to help your teams reconnect and engage.

Lead Horse Presentations

A Day With Horses

Leave the office behind and join us at Tall Tree Farm for a relaxing yet educational half-day country experience. Enjoy a ninety-minute leadership presentation by our facilitators and our horses followed by a barbecue picnic.

The Lead Horse at the Office

For those who just cant get away from the office the Lead Horse brings equine-inspired leadership to you through an engaging and interactive on-site presentation (sorry, we do have to leave the horses at home for this one).

Personal Coaching Program

One four- legged leadership expert and one human coach for a series of intensive private sessions tailored to meet your specific learning goals

Affiliate Programs

If you are looking for a unique opportunity to improve your communication and leadership skills, join Scene and Heard and The Lead Horse for a truly memorable day with actors and horses!

Scene and Heard uses actor's techniques to discover and strengthen your personal communication and presentation skills.

The Lead Horse then invites you to bring this new knowledge into the arena and use it in a practical way while playing leadership games with our horses.

In this workshop you will:

  • Develop a clearer, more dynamic communication style.
  • Learn how to create a clear and compelling vision to engage your audience.
  • Gain greater awareness of your leadership strengths and gaps.
  • Become more aware of the power of non-verbal communication while learning to use your body language and energy more effectively.



During the course of my 25 years in management and attending numerous seminars and workshops, The Lead Horse, by far, was the most innovative and, therefore, most engaging session I have ever attended.   Engaging in the workshop not only provided a new level of personal insight but a new appreciation for the impact my management style and skills have on my staff and colleagues.  I highly recommend this workshop.

M. Barker
Director, Allstate Insurance


"The greatest personal empowerment found from being with horses is in learning how "horse sense", and the process of bonding with horses, can relate to and benefit our own human condition."
Chris Irwin, International horse trainer



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The Professional Series

You will learn to:

Horses provide immediate, unfiltered feedback. Feedback that your clients, are often unable to give you. Horses react to what people do, including body language, not what they say. A person’s body language is a true indicator of their thoughts and emotions. Inattention, indifference, impatience or aggression will trigger an observable, undisguised response in the horse. Analyzing the horse’s response enables you to judge the effectiveness of your actions. As you develop each new skill, the horse’s responses will change immediately.


Listening, The Hardest Skill

"The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them” — Ralph Nichols

Training in health sciences and medicine often emphasizes intellectual proficiency. Listening, The Hardest Skill, helps participants to balance their intellectual capabilities with competence in the areas of emotional and social intelligence, sensitivity and communication. The result: Improved relationships with your patients, colleagues, superiors and employees.


Understanding Behaviour as Communication

"Behaviour never occurs in a vacuum. It is the end result of the interaction between the child and their environment, and that environment includes the people in it. If you want to change the behaviour of the child, first look at your own. You might be surprised by what you see” — Temple Grandin, The Way I See It

Behaviour is communication. When your clients are non-verbal or have poor language skills or social issues you must learn to interpret their intentions through their body language and their actions. Concurrently you need to realize that your attitudes and behaviours in turn affect your clients. You must at all times demonstrate respect, patience, reassurance, empathy and honesty.

Understanding Behavour as Communication helps you to better interpret and utilize non-verbal communication to build honest open and respectful relationships with clients.

The result: You will improve your non-verbal communications skills to encourage and support positive behavior in your clients (and yourself!).


A Different Perspective

"Autistic people can think the way animals think. I think animal genius happens for the same reason that autism genius does: a difference in the brain autistic people share with animals.” — Temple Grandin, Animals in Translation

Horses and people with autism interpret the world around them from a sensory-based, detail-oriented perspective. As participants work with their horse they learn to interpret horse’s behavior as it reacts instinctively to its environment.

The result: You will gain a greater understanding of how sensory issues affect behaviour. You will acquire tools and techniques to provide a productive and supportive learning environment for your clients.


Taking the Lead

Participants engage in a series of activities with their horse. These activities are modeled on leadership 'games' that the horses play with each other in the herd. After each activity the group will discuss and reflect on the effectiveness of their actions and the feedback they receive from the horses. Analogies will be made to workplace situations.

Horses constantly seek strong leadership. Throughout the day participants will see a significant change in the horses' behavior as their leadership skills improve. As their relationship with their horse develops they will come to understand what it means to lead others by earned authority and not just a formal position on an organizational chart.

Participants will:


Leading Teams

Building and leading high-performance teams is the key to success in the corporate world. This workshop explores the leadership competencies necessary to create and maintain strong effective teams.

Throughout the two days participants will work towards specific goals individually and as members of large and small groups. In some situations the horse will take on the role of a team member, at other times they will represent the client. In either situation they willingly offer objective feedback about the effectiveness of your team's performance.

The Musical Ride, Equine Soccer and Donkey Penning are fun challenging activities that offer work teams the opportunity to reconnect and engage with each other in a create and positive manner outside the boundaries of the office.

Participants will come away with a greater understanding of: