Our Horses

Brynn - at 1800 pounds Bryn is a giant. Physically intimidating, participants often mistakenly shy away from choosing her. There are lessons to be learned from a big girl like this.

Bob - Bob looks confident and straightforward.  Because of this, participants are often surprised and have to reassess themselves and Bob.

Bailey - Bailey, our clydesdale,  is another big girl. Like most horses, she is an extremely intelligent and watches her human leader carefully.

Rosie - At 31 Rosie is our veteran. Her spirit and sensitivity belie her years.

Mikey - Mikey is simply Mikey. Life is a game and Mikey is a player!

John - John is one of our most interesting horses. What you see on the surface may be misleading.

Swish - Born here on the farm in 2002, he's still quite young and does what a youngster does.

Suzy - In the time that Suzy has been with us her attitude and behavior have changed dramatically.  Her story will inspire any leader who wants to engage their employees and teams. 

Huggy Bear - Another one of our youngsters Huggy Bear brings with him some unique behaviours as a result of earlier life experiences. Finding the key to Huggy is a challenging but engaging experience.

Nubee - Participants often feel at first that Nubee doesn't have much to say. With Nubee you get back what you put in.

Rocky - Rocky spent many years competing on the show circuit. He has seen and done it all and is very willing to share his views with participants.

Bucky - Bucky, our big gentle boy, is blind in one eye. His disability encourages people to open their own eyes and see the world from a different perspective.

Goldie - Goldie is our new girl and we are still getting to know her. Judging by her behaviour in the herd she seems to be a very smart girl who likes to maintain a low profile.

Ferguson and Karen are mini-horses. They are less intimidating to participants who are nervous around the big horses. They have a lot to teach us about sensitivity and accommodation to diverse groups.

Homer and Angus

These guys are characters! 

In our Leading Teams workshop they will truly test whether your team has what it takes to get the job done.

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